Wake The Churches

My Prayer for you…

It’s my prayer that this Website will help those who find it, build a closer relationship with our Living God.

I pray that you come to understand that He wants a closer relationship with you. Being a Christian is not about going to this church or that church, it’s about a relationship with God, up close and personal.

And having that relationship with God is not about which hymns you sing, or which liturgy you follow. It’s about opening the door to your heart and letting Him in. Letting Him rule and reign in your life, all aspects of your life.

I urge you to get that Bible you’ve got around the house somewhere, I don’t care what version it is, and READ IT. Ask the Holy Spirit (the Third member of the Trinity) to let it speak to your heart and give you understanding.

Let God Show you the Way. God is Real, Heaven is Real, the Bible is Real and so is Hell and the devil.

Jesus REALLY did Live, Die and Rise again three days later. Believe it and Live it.