Wake The Churches

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The pages linked here are something special.

9/11 Memorial posts…

First there is a series of posts about 9/11 which I first featured as part of a whole site about what happened that horrible day. I feel that having them here will help us to remember that we live in a world of good and evil, and that as long as we are in this world, the evil is always with us.

If we are going to wake up to the truth of the Bible, God and His Son, then part of that awakening has to be the knowledge that evil, the devil and his demons do exist and they will stop at nothing to destroy what God has built or is working on. And that includes not only a country, but you as well.

Cara Memorial posts…


Cara was my wife of almost 17 years before she died. I built site about her and her passing a few years ago. I have decided to include it in this new site because we all go through terrible times in our lives.

What we do with those terrible times is up to us.

We can either turn away from God or we can turn to God.

I prefer to turn to God.