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I have launched out into the world of Art with many of the Pictures I have taken over the years. I hope to add to my income, now that I am in the twilight of my life. These photos are also something I can leave behind to my wife and son, once I’ve moved on.

So, I’m asking you to look over these pictures and consider supporting this site.

You can purchase prints, framed or not, on canvas, wood or metal.

Not to mention pillows, shower curtains, phone cases and more.

I will be adding more pictures as time goes by so please check this page often. Thank you for your support of this site.

I love to take pictures and try to capture an expression or a feeling in an animal or a place. As you look over my work, I hope you’ll get a sense of what I felt when I took the picture.

Art is in the eye of the beholder and it doesn’t matter a wit what I’ve done or not done in the art world, what matters is what you think of the work itself. If it speaks to you, if it will work in your home or office, then you’ll buy it. If it doesn’t, then you’ll pass it by. And that’s okay with me.

I hope you appreciate the work and the images and if you do, I would be honored to know that you liked it enough to put it on your wall.

I thank you in advance for your time looking over my work.

Your Support of this site will be greatly appreciated.

May God Bless you and thanks again.

John Arthur Olson

You can also visit my personal Photography site through Fine Art America by Clicking Here.